Safety in the lab 🔬


Safety is the number one priority in the science lab.Now I know some of you may be thinking who needs rules and I  totally agree with you. But One simple slip up can cause a huge disaster.Make sure you follow these simple rules in order to stay safe and protected in the science lab.





In the laboratory do:

No.1   wear a lab coat for practical work.


No.2   Keep your workbooks and paper away from heating equipment,chemicals and flames. 🔥


No.3   Tie long hair back whenever you conduct an experiment.


No.4   Wear safety glasses while mixing or heating substances.


No.5   Tell your teacher immediately if you cut or burn yourself,break any glassware or spill chemicals.


No.6   Wash your hands after an experiment.


No.7   Listen and follow the teachers instructions.


No.8   Wear gloves when your teacher instructs you to.


No.9   Always be aware of your surroundings so you don’t hurt yourself.


No.10   Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in the laboratory.




In the laboratory do not:

No.1   Do not run,push others or behave roughly.


No.2   Eat anything or drink from glassware or laboratory taps.


No.3   Look down into a container or point it at a neighbor when heating chemicals.


No.4   Smell gases or mixtures of chemicals directly;Instead waft it near your nose. 👃


No.5   Mix chemicals at random.


No.6   Put matches,paper or other substances down the sink.


No.7   Carry large bottles by the neck.


No.8   Enter a preparation room without your teachers permission.


No.9   Work in the laboratory by yourself,you never know when disasters might occur.


No.10   Work with chemicals that your not familiar.



IMG_0390 Make sure you follow these lab rules so you don’t hurt or injure yourself whilst conducting an experiment.Also check out my other posts for more cool tips and tricks.Hope you enjoyed !!!